Rainier produces PPE in the battle against COVID-19

Rainier, along with other neighboring businesses, develop PPE during the pandemic

At Rainier Industries, we are proud to be able to produce Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the battle against COVID-19. We are also thrilled to support our partners who are doing so as well. From coast-to-coast, small businesses are transitioning their production and stepping up to help our country’s first responders and frontline workers.

Together with our partners Glen Raven and Trivantage, we have worked together to develop prototypes and manufacture face shields and have collaborated in discussions with other fabricators and hospital systems. To date, we have sold over 20,000 units, for which we aren’t making money, but we are happy to keep people employed.

Check out the article below, highlighting five (including Rainier) of Glen Raven’s customers, and how we are all using our equipment, experience and expertise to pivot and innovate, help fight this pandemic, protect people’s health.

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